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Wine 2.0: Using Twitter to Promote Wine

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I recently jumped on the Twitter bandwagon and now follow several thought leaders in the wine industry there.  I’ve found the Twitter posts interesting, insightful and helpful in monitoring what is on the minds of those deep in the industry.  Not all posts are about wine, some of them are personal and allow you to get to know your Twitter friends more intimately i.e. what their favorite sports teams, tv shows and hobbies are. 

Many of my favorite bloggers post a link to their latest blog posts on Twitter as soon as they create and post them to their blogs, providing instant access to their latest thoughts.  This is great!  I love this much more than checking RSS feeds because with plugins such as Twhirl, a popup notification appears in the corner of your computer. 

In addition to bloggers, some winery owners are also starting to Twitter updates, adding their personal thoughts on new releases, events, which wines have been selling well and personal likes and dislikes.   I think that this is a nice way for wineries to build relationships with their customers and prospective customers.  Everyone seems to be thirsty for an inside perspective on wineries they would like to do business with and getting to know the owners in this quick, updated fashion can help to create interest in visiting a winery’s website and tasting room and ultimately to purchase their wine!  I would love to see updates from wine makers and vineyard managers.  I think consumers would respond well to educating themselves about wine and all of the complexities associated with getting a bottle to their tables in this initmate, fun environment. 

Research Brief: Online Video Viewing Surges

Small wineries, take note.  Let’s get some great video clips on the leading blogs and video sharing sites and you’ll see increased traffic and interest in your wine brand!

Finger Lakes Wine Event: Only 6 Full Judges Tickets Left for the Golden Nose Awards

The Finger Lakes Third Annual Golden Nose Awards are almost here and this will be my first experience with the event. I’m happily holding a Full Judges Ticket and I’m very excited about it. The awards are based on the selections of a panel of consumer wine judges who will be tasting and rating the wines of the Finger Lakes Appellation. The Golden Nose Awards judging, dinner and awards ceremony will be on Saturday, May 31 at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY with a welcome reception on Friday, May 30 at The Rockwell Museum of Western Art. Fellow Golden Nose Awards Judges, let me know if you would like to connect at the reception.

Wine 2.0: Donati Family Vineyard Launches Winery Social Networking Site

This is such a great idea. The Donati Family Vineyard has launched WineSpace, its own online community of customers and wine club members. The site will be a tremendous resource for them, what better way to build relationships with wine lovers, provide updates on events and vintages and interact with the winery’s enthusiasts. Much better and more informative than asking tasting room guests to fill out forms…after one too many tastes. How accurate will their answers be at that point 🙂