Winery Marketing Idea: Local Focus Groups for Wineries

As I dig deeper into the wine industry and look to identify the needs of both wineries and wine lovers, I had an idea.  I have noticed that it seems to be tough for wineries to gather consumer preferences and desires when planning ahead and that oftentimes wineries are counseled to resort to online surveys to gather this information.  Or the dreaded comment card! 

As the legion of wine lovers grows, I wondered if there would be interest in establishing monthly wine tastings that would also serve as a focus group for wineries to submit questions and gather feedback from a small sampling of wine consumers. Trying to decide between two label designs, the next grape variety to plant, innovative ideas for your wine club?  Ask away. 

Perhaps wineries would provide a few bottles to the members of the group in exchange for picking their brain.  This would be a very non-scientific sampling, but could be helpful and cost-friendly! This could complement any survey findings or other feedback gathered.   And if the winery owner/marketer/winemaker attended the meeting, there would be an opportunity for them to interact with new potential customers, creating a bond and potentially driving sales.  The local wine bar, an intimate restaurant or the winery would make for fun gathering places. 

I found a couple of hits on Google for a few random wine tasting focus groups, but I’m thinking of more of a regular, monthly opportunity.  What do you think?


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Greg Cutt on June 21, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    Mellissa I think this is a great idea for both the wineries and the consumers as this way maybe we can focus on our wineries reducing there selection and and becoming more specialized in the ones they do best.

    Greg (ragangel)


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