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Private Wine Tasting at Arbor Hill Winery in Naples, NY

I just had to commend the team at Arbor Hill Winery for doing it right.  I’m sure you’ve noticed how I tend to beat the drum about creating personal, memorable experiences for winery visitors and even for wine retail website visitors whenever possible. 

Here is a perfect example of such an event.  I am thoroughly impressed with Arbor Hill’s Private Wine Tasting for groups of 4-20 that provides personal contact with their wine master, John Brahm III.  The info page even provides customers with John’s private phone number!  Another nice, welcoming touch.  There’s a question and answer session, wine cellar tour, discussion of the history of the wines and a wine tasting that includes New York cheese.  After the tour, wine lovers are sure to come away with a connection to John and Arbor Hill’s wines.  

If you would like to get a group together with us, leave a comment below  🙂

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Wine Tasting in Georgia

We got our first taste of Georgia wines at the largest winery in Georgia, Chateau Elan in Braselton. This 3,500 acre winery and resort produces 20,000-25,000 cases of 22 varietals annually from 75 acres of vineyards and has a sister winery in California.

Some of the wines designated as American in their names combine grapes from both the Georgia and California vineyards, while Founder’s Reserve Georgia wines are made exclusively from Georgia grapes. Of the wines that we tasted, the Scarlet 211 and American Port stood out most, in our opinion. Scarlet 211 is a big, bold red made from the Syrah grape and the American Port combines wine and brandy in this intense sweet dessert wine. My mother is a brandy lover and her clear favorite was the American Port, so we were sure to buy her a bottle, but made her promise to think of us when she pours herself a glass! (See picture)

It’s this type of context, memory, link of a happy experience that I feel lends to brand loyalty for wineries. It seems that a wine tastes “better” if you can reflect back on a fun get-together that included the wine, or in this case, of the gift of the wine from loved ones.

Now, how to bring those experiences to life via wine marketing to create raving enthusiasts and loyal customers, that is something I ‘ve been thinking long and hard about. Can you think of your favorite wine and is there a memory connected to it? Does it evoke emotions or bring a smile to your face? Cheers to that!

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