Update on Wine Bloggers Conference

In my previous post announcing the first Wine Bloggers Conference in Sonoma this fall, I mentioned an opportunity for wineries to have your wines tasted at a NY wine tasting as part of the conference. That NY-specific tasting is being put on hold for a future Wine Bloggers Conference, however there is an opportunity for sponsorship of the conference via a Winery Sponsorship for $250 that would include participation in the Live Wine Blogging segment of the conference in which one of your wines will be tasted, rated and blogged about by participants. The complete details of this and other sponsorship levels can be found here and more information on the Wine Bloggers Conference is also available.

At the time of my writing this post, there are only five of 12 total Winery Sponsorships still available. So here are the benefits as I see them for your winery:

  • An opportunity to showcase your signature or favorite wine to at least 50 wine bloggers from across the US who will be tasting, rating and live blogging to their readers about your wine. ( low-cost publicity)
  • If you choose to personally pour the wine for the bloggers, you can introduce yourself and create awareness of yourself and your wines to them. (personal connection)

If you’re intrigued and would like more information, feel free to contact the event organizers directly at info@winebloggersconference dot org. Also, you can contact me directly to discuss this opportunity because I’ll be attending the conference by emailing me at melissa dot dobson@avantguild dot com.

Let’s generate some buzz for our beloved NY wines!


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  1. […] Pacific, 6:30 PM EST. Dr. Frank’s signed on as a winery sponsor for the session as outlined here and will have Rkatsiteli in front of the bloggers who will be tasting and blogging about their […]


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