Finger Lakes Wine Region Featured in Special Issue of Wine & Spirits Magazine

Wine&SpiritsCover.jpg, originally uploaded by MelissaADobson.

Wine & Spirits Magazine has just published a special issue “Rebels Rock The Best in the World of Wine.” Inside of the New Wine Travel section, the editors compiled profiles of four key wine regions in the U.S. to drive to in order to spend 48 hours immersed in wine country, with New York’s Finger Lakes wine country front and center of the feature.

Wine & Spirits publisher and editor Joshua Greene wrote the profile and mentions that “although the legacy of sweeter styles from native and hybrid vines is what fills the local tasting rooms…recently the crowds seeking out dry wines based in vinifera vines have arrived in force.” He also touts the region’s great Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc. Another compliment is his comparison of the Finger Lakes region to the region of Alsace.

I like this comparison because I feel that it helps to elevate the image of the region and its wines, and may even tempt lovers of Alsatian wine to give the American versions found here a try. Positioning the Finger Lakes wines as great locally-produced, better-valued alternatives could be a key selling point to the skeptical wine connoisseurs in New York City and other major metropolitan areas who tend to look to key publications such as Wine & Spirits Magazine for recommendations and affirmation of a region’s wine and culinary offerings.


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