Cheers! From Melissa’s Desk

WEEK OF 8/18/08

  • The wines of the Finger Lakes region continue to receive accolades this week. In an article with a political slant about Red and Blue state wines, Eric Arnold of turns to Tyler Colman, aka Dr. Vino, for his take on the less-heralded red and blue wine states outside of California, Oregon and Washington. Tyler includes New York as being among the blue states often overlooked and escapes the designation of being thought of as a wine-growing hot spot. He states that Long Island wines have been developing an increased following over the last 10 years, but that in order to find “greater consistency, quality and bang for the buck, look north.” As in North to the Finger Lakes.

“In the Finger Lakes area, the wines are still a bargain, and the Riesling grape tends to perform nearly as well there as anywhere else in the world–the grape’s home is Germany. Colman recommends Heron Hill, one of the region’s best-known and highest-quality Rieslings. The wine has a touch of sweetness to balance its acidity and also features that kerosene aroma wine aficionados associate with the best German Rieslings.”

The In-Depth slide show also touts New York as a sleeping giant in the wine industry and names Finger Lakes Rieslings as particularly good, calling out Heron Hill, Dr. Konstantin Frank, Herman J. Weimer and Fox Run as the wineries to seek out. Let’s keep these types of articles rolling.

  • Wine event source has launched a video arm to its site, dubbed Video Juice. Here you will find videos in the categories of Wine, Food, Spirit and Beer. If you have videos in these categories available, you may want to consider sharing them via this site to drive traffic to your website.
  • Speaking of videos, if you haven’t checked it out yet, Seneca Lake Wine Trail has videos posted to at If you create your own profile with YouTube, you can subscribe to Seneca Lake Wine Trail’s videos as well as other channels of interest for updates of new videos. As you know, video is a tremendous avenue for getting the message out about your winery, your winery’s story, what makes you different and offers a direct avenue for you to speak directly to consumers.

Cheers until next week!



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