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Cheers! From Melissa’s Desk

Happy Friday!  A few news notes for you.

Week of 9/1/08:

  • The International Riesling Foundation has announced the creation of a program to help consumers in their selection of Rieslings by taste profile.  There are four very simple graphic options listed on the back label, point-of sale materials and other promotional items to provide a guide for consumers.  The graphics indicate where on a scale the taste profile of the bottle of Riesling falls, from Dry to Sweet.  With demand for Riesling growing steadily, producers have found that one of the roadblocks toward an even greater demand for the white wine varietal is that many consumers believe that Rieslings are all sweet in taste.  There has been some skepticism of the effort from what I’ve heard, but I think there is value in the scale for those who are new to Riesling or marginal drinkers (those who drink wine once or twice a month at most) who may be looking for additional guidance.
  • If you share in the frustration over navigating compliance issues, here’s a link to a vendor solution that you may find helpful.
  • REthink Compliance a free compliance solution powered by Inertia Beverage Group.  I received a walk through of this platform by Inertia’s Matthew Mann and found it to be intuitive and straight-forward.  There is some set up of SKUs initially that will take some time to input, but REthink Compliance simplifies the compliance reporting process and will analyze each order for compliance with every states laws, simplifying and streamlining the process.  To schedule your walk through, contact Matt Mann at and for more compliance tips and information, go to Inertia Beverage Group’s REthink blog at
  • Seneca Lake Wine Trail’s YouTube channel has just posted a new video featuring fun, playful interviews with winemakers from Hazlitt Vineyards 1852, Anthony Road and Seneca Shore wineries. 

That will do it , have a great weekend until next week!

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