Cheers! From Melissa’s Desk

On my drive into Atwater Estate Vineyards this past weekend, I noticed that Finger Lakes Wine Country’s fall foliage is beginning to show with deep golds and bright reds popping up among the trees.  Beautiful!

For Week of 9/29

  • As you know, October is New York Wine Month with just over 250 restaurants and wine retailers featuring wines from 32 New York wineries.  This is an annual promotion of the New York wine industry, a promotion designed to drive awareness of the wines made here in New York State to visitors and locals alike, with a separate promotion in New York City called New York Wines and Dines.  Frankly, I’m surprised by the small number of restaurant, retailer and winery participants in both of these campaigns. I have heard about restaurants in other wine regions who proudly feature a significant number of local wine producers on their menus every day, not only during a special promotion such as ours.  What type of message are we sending to visitors of New York and potential new fans of our wines when there is a lack of a strong presence of New York wines on many wine menus within our state, both during promotions such as these and every day?  New York Wine & Grape Foundation’s President Jim Trezise says, “When we buy New York, we build New York.  The wineries, restaurants and wine shops are all New York businesses which provide New York jobs and pay New York taxes.  It just makes sense that we all work together.”  He said ALL, right?
  • The New York Wine and Culinary Center in Canandaigua, NY is featuring the wines that won a gold in the New York Wine & Food Classic Competition for the month of October.  For a listing of the wines being poured during Gold Medal Month, go to
  • The Hudson Valley AVA received great press this week with a feature in USA Today’s Travel column.  Included is a video interview of historic Brotherhood Winery’s Winemaster Cesar Baeza and footage of the classic grape stomping tradition.  Grape stomping also made other news. What made grape stomping news worthy?  Tradition, fun for participants, a tie-in to an “I Love Lucy” episode that many will remember and a strong visual component. If you’re wondering why your events aren’t getting the attention of the media and the coverage that you’re looking for (which would continue to drive awareness, often leading to upticks in sales and website visits) put some thought to creating fresh, new events with something unexpected, fun, engaging and an element that will translate well via video and photos.  In a sea of wine events, it will be time well spent if you can stand out and garner the coverage you’re looking for.

From Melissa’s desk (and my heart), I say Cheers until next week!  And be sure to order New York wine on your next restaurant visit or trip to your local wine retailer.


2 responses to this post.

  1. When I saw you were taking a trip to Atwater, I had to stop and leave a comment! We’ve worked with the Atwater folks and highly recommend them. Their wines are quite good, and they are web savvy enough to make an effort to get their name out there. In regards to us, we have their bottles listed here, if anyone feels like perusing them.

    Best regards and keep up the great content!



  2. Thanks for your comment and compliment, cwGuyM. Atwater’s Estate White is a new favorite every day wine for me. I’ve been working as a greeter in their tasting room during October busy season and it’s been a good one from what I’ve seen.


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