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Winery Marketing: People Connect with People, not Wine Bottles

Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards Crew at Harvest

Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards Crew at Harvest

One of my current projects involves creating content for a local wine association’s new website. I found
this post by Ben Chinn, Director of Web Design and Development at Inertia Beverage Group. Ben refers to winery websites as “virtual tasting rooms” in that they are another extension of your winery, its people and your winery’s story.

“What are you saying on your website? Can you imagine an employee in your tasting room talking like the text reads on your site? You have an opportunity to connect directly with customers on your website – don’t lose sight of the human being on the other side of the screen.”

It’s been my experience that today, customers are seeking personal connections and want to establish relationships with people, not bottles or vines or views. Although gorgeous shots of your winery’s views, vines and bottles are important to include, remember to feature your winery family and customers on your website. What makes them special? Why would a new visitor to your site want to come in and meet your staff, sample your wines and come back for more?

As Ben says in the post, “You need to create a memory of your winery that stands out among the other tasting room visits that day. On the web the competition is even more severe. You are competing with millions of other web sites and all of them are only a click away. How have you distinguished yourself and made sure the memory of your web site stays with each customer?”

Take a good look at your current web site content. When was the last time you updated it to tell your story and capture the interest of wine lovers with many, many choices of winery websites out there? If your content and events are stale, you may find yourself clicked away from in an instant.