A Special Thank You to My Husband, Rich


Sometimes I have to pinch myself just to be sure I’m not dreaming. Just about a year ago, my husband and I had a serious discussion about my work-from-home business plan. I was working on projects for a great client in the B2B and Technology public relations world, making a steady stream of income and couldn’t begin to complain about it. But sitting on our back deck in the middle of the Finger Lakes with so many wineries full of enthusiastic and passionate people just up the road, I kept thinking about them. How could I get involved and possibly even help to spread the word about the people and wines that I have grown to love? Should I give up a guaranteed monthly check to explore redirecting my business so that it melds my passions for the wine industry, the charming, down-to-earth people behind the wine and public relations?

Add to this the fact that my husband and I are dying to buy our first house together.  Oh, yes and Honey, I want to start off by establishing my name by providing resources and a few pro bono hours to causes I believe in and I want to utilize a client attraction mindset, not a hard sell of any kind.  Trust me, it will all work out and I’ll have great contacts who are more like dear friends who may become loyal clients.

Well, even though you may not hear directly from Rich, he is a strong supporter of our cause and spends many hours discussing and debating the hot topics of the region and its wine industry with me.  He has shown his belief in me and in the industry by fully supporting my dream to get involved and make a difference here.  For this I am forever grateful and I wanted to say thank you, Rich.  I couldn’t be happier to see this dream of ours as it has taken hold and I meet people face-to-face who are glad to see me and have warmed up to me as an outsider who came in and started making some noise in hopes that I could make a small difference and tell others about the wine and people of the Finger Lakes.  During this tremendously challenging time for the state of New York, it has become that much more important to us to contribute to our local economy instead of just complaining about it.   In the wake of that journey, I have met so many fantastic, helpful people throughout the wine world…a tremendous bonus.

I now find myself with several new clients and plenty of prospects who are like-minded and all exude enthusiasm and passion that is contagious.

I am truly blessed with support from Rich, my family, friends and clients.  Thank you, all!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Melissa,
    Just read this wonderful note about/to Rich….it’s so refreshing to read that kind of mutual support and edification between spouses! From me and my amazinginly supportive wife, Bridgett, a cyber-toast to you and Rich as you put your oars in the water and row in the same direction!


  2. Cyber-toast back to you and Bridgett, Matt! Boy, sometimes that support and guidance is the strength needed to navigate through decisions in a new business. Thank you for your kind words and for the support you have given me 🙂


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