Still Not Utilizing Twitter and Not Sure It’s Worth Your Time?

twitter_follow-copyHow does 15% of a day’s sales measure in your book? Naked Pizza, a New Orleans pizza shop with an eye on national expansion, attributed 15% of their day’s sales to purchases made by their Twitter followers at @NakedPizza. Sales were tracked by asking customers how they came to call Naked Pizza for their pizza that day. To further enhance the campaign, Naked Pizza co-founder Jeff Leach took out a billboard near the restaurant advertising their Twitter handle… simple and brilliant!

AdAge’s Abbey Klaassen includes a quick list of tips for local businesses looking to use Twitter in her article, “Twitter Proves Its Worth as a Killer App for Local Businesses.”

If that hasn’t convinced you to put Twitter on your radar, check out cnet’s “When Twitter met food trucks.” Now you just need to brainstorm and implement a strategy that is true to your brand and gets that register ringing today.


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  1. Melissa, when I first heard of the Twitter billboard at NakedPizza (that would be way out here in Germany), my spontaneous reaction was: why on earth would they be so short sighted?

    I mean, why would they not put up a digital display constantly showing their twitter-interaction on the billboard instead?

    That would probably have increased sales even MORE, don’t ya think?

    And with this Murphy-Goode Wine Lifestyle Correspondent up and on the table, I kind of expected to see more of this kind of great web2.0 thinking going on.

    Sadly, when I look to one contestant for MG, Hardy, I read today on his blog that wine vendors still have a long way to go when it comes to wrapping their heads around the whole concept of digital marketing.

    Tell me, what is your experience: are people in the industry ready to embrace this technology? Is it “simply” a case of education? And the key question: how do we help these people in their discovery of viral digital marketing?


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