Top Social Media Resources: MarketingProfs Summer Series


Many of you who know me and know my story have heard that I’ve been exploring and engaging in social media for just over a year now after entering as a skeptic.  It was around that time that I became intrigued and then submerged myself in learning about how social media could help me to make my dream of helping wineries and small businesses become a reality.  Originally, I thought that traditional public relations and marketing services would be my core offerings.  But now, my business has evolved.  I find that I’m being sought out to help my clients with humanizing their brands and social media mentoring. And my dreams of a successful, fun business have been coming true.

I don’t call myself a social media expert, but mentoring based on my observations, studies and experience is a more accurate description of what I’ve been tasked with by my clients.  This is the first of a series of my top resources to pay attention to as you explore the possibilities in social media for your business or personal brand.

MarketingProfs Social Media Summer Series

This is a stellar line-up of thought leaders in social media.  The series is in progress, but if you purchase a Premium Plus membership, you gain access to all of the archived webinars with materials to play on demand.  I’ve viewed two of the series of nine so far and they are full of the latest research and information on relationship building, creating content, measurement, creating community, using social media for B-to-B marketing, public relations and to drive sales.  I’ve been a MarketingProfs Premium Plus member for several months now and I highly recommend their program to you.

The tactic that has been most helpful to me in navigating and embracing social media is reading about it regularly, attending webinars such as this series and keeping an eye on what’s happening with thought leaders who have successfully built their personal brands as trusted experts in their industries.  Much of the latest I’ve found by following thought leaders on Twitter and Facebook!

Are you already attending the series?  What are your impressions?  A recommended next step is to seek out your favorite presenters in this series on Twitter, Facebook and/or their blogs and watch for their updates.

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  1. I’ve been dipping into the Marketing Profs social media offerings too. The best one so far, I think, was the one called Relationships are the Thing – or something like that. My take-aways were, 1) start now, start small, 2) be prepared to fail (example: Wallmart that tried 4 times with social media before finding a fit and 3) relationships aren’t easy – online or in person. We have to keep working at them.


    • Ann,

      Charlene Li’s Relationship webinar was a great foundation for this series. Oftentimes, when speaking to social media “newbies” I strongly emphasize how social media is about creating and strengthening relationships by becoming a responsive, informative resource and not by pushing hard-sell marketing messages alone. Responsiveness, resourcefulness and showing a human face establishes trust. It’s not easy to do, but over time with consistency, it can happen.

      Thank you for sharing your takeaways from Charlene’s session! I find social media exciting because it’s such an appropriate fit for the wine industry. Telling stories, showcasing passion, putting faces to a wine brand; wineries can share these things with their enthusiasts via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in a cost-effective manner.


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