Social Media Quick Tip: Follow 1000+ Wine Industry Tweeps with a Few Clicks


One of the benefits of the social media revolution is the ability to connect with the many smart, good-hearted people in the wine industry who are visionary and push forward to create better communities that are of value to us as participants.

Last week, Joel Vincent founder of the Open Wine Consortium, a social media platform for wine industry members, VinTank and Joel’s Tech Adventures blog created a list of over 1000 members of the OWC who are also on Twitter via an application called TweetML.  There are 11 groups of around 100 members listed and by clicking each of the links after entering your Twitter account login info, you can easily begin following other wine loving members of the Open Wine Consortium instead of having to manually search them out.

By doing so, your Twitter community becomes vastly larger to meet and mingle and I noticed a lot of chatter on Twitter about the quick increase in wine followers that came after Joel posted the links.  Sure there will be more tweets to scan through but we’ll get used to that and that’s a small price to pay for the opportunity to connect and stay connected with new friends who love to hear us talk about wine, life and our passion for the industry.


5 responses to this post.

  1. I just added a similar list to that has 302 wineries to follow on Twitter.


  2. Hi Neil,

    I just added wineries from your lists and picked up several new ones to follow-thanks for sharing!



  3. Thanks Melissa… I will update it often.


  4. Love the social media focus of this blog. I know you said you are no expert, but what you cover is quite relevant to just about any company who is interested in establishing a more approachable Internet presence. You definitely know your social media; maybe one day you will know it as well as you do wine.


  5. Thank you for saying so Chile Wine. I see social media as an accessible tool for wineries, wine businesses to tell their stories and keep their fans and prospective fans engaged in conversations in between other communications, wine club shipments and tasting room visits.


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