Five Easy Winter Projects for Winery Marketers

It’s November, post-Harvest and going into slow season for winery marketers.  Thought I would put together a short list of projects that may make your life easier in 2011 with a little time put in during the winter.

1.  Claim your winery on location based services and review sites. Even if you don’t use the LBS platforms or review sites, some of your customers are using them.  Best case scenario is that you’ll be aware of their check in while they’re with you and seek them out to say hello and offer them something special.  Bring out a tank or barrel sample, line up a taste of your late harvest or reserve wine.  Thank them for checking in and sharing their check-in with their friends.  Same for a review.  Seek your reviewers out and thank them, offer them a special experience next time they visit.  Tell them to ask for you by name.  There are lots of other things you can do to create a connection, these may just help get the juices flowing.

2.  Create promos to drive customers to your winery

3.  Explore opportunities to feature personalized tastings via CellarPass and VinoVisit winery reservation systems. The beauty of these reservation systems is that they allow you to target key customer segments to provide them with a special, premium experience.  You have control over the times you’ll offer the tasting or event.  You can place a widget on your winery homepage to direct website visitors to your CP or VV reservation page.  Both services offer Facebook plug ins for reservations.

4.  Post your winery’s 2011 events

5.  Add your wine to Somewhat time-consuming but will push info to several channels online.  Ensures that your online info is accurate.  If adding your full portfolio is difficult, add your top-sellers first.

What else can you recommend to wine marketers to tackle over the winter?


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