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Wine 2.0 Is Amazing!


Wine 2.0

 I just had to share my excitement about the tremendous opportunities available to those using Wine 2.0 technologies.  If you are in the wine industry, or aspire to be, social networks such as Open Wine Consortium, micro-blogs such as Twitter (I like to describe Twitter as more of a broadcast instant messaging service where one-way and multi-way communication messages are distributed via a network of followers) and participating in forums like the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle’s Conversations on Wine can help you expand your network by exchanging ideas, creating relationships for future collaborations and adding a great deal of value to your brand by creating a presence for your winery or related service in front of key targets. 

In one week, I exchanged ideas with two people that may be interested in collaborating down the road, reconnected with an editor I had previously met at a Manhattan press event and was asked for some advice from a reader of this blog…all via social networks, my blog and Twitter.  The key, in my opinion, is to create value for others.  Educate, share and give some personal insight and you’ll see that opportunities will present themselves, adding an addtional layer to your marketing and branding efforts. 

From my experience, the wine industry is full of passionate, smart, resourceful and helpful people who love to talk about bettering the industry.  I highly recommend spending some time poking around on the sites, creating profiles and getting involved.  Even if you’re not ready to create a blog, these little steps into the social media space will help you to advance your business.   If all of these terms are putting you off or if your head is spinning trying to figure it all out, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I would be happy to walk you through a better understanding in layman’s terms, without all of the “geeky” tech ones!    🙂