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Winery Marketing: “Trust Agents” Outlines How to Win Hearts and Minds

Chris Brogan and I_Nov2009

Chris Brogan & I at SM2Day Conference

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m a huge fan of Chris Brogan and the book he co-authored with Julien Smith entitled “Trust Agents.”  (And Chris’ blognewsletter…) Okay, I know I’m gushing.

This isn’t meant to be a blatant push for Chris and Julien or their book.  But one of the things I believe you come here for is my opinion on discoveries that can help you to grow your business and keep you on track to continue to engage with and build a community of enthusiasts for your winery brand.  I understand that your days are busy so I love to bring you resources to help you to do that.  Being a solopreneur affords me the flexibility to watch out for things for you that I strongly believe can help you to tell your winery’s unique story to those who want to hear about it the most and will in turn tell their friends about you.  “Trust Agents” outlines best practices for using the web to build influence and teaches you how to earn trust and build relationships that can benefit you and your community.

If you’ve been reading my posts on social media, have attended workshops or webinars but still feeling like you’re not sure what to do next or if you can improve results on what you’re already doing out there on the web, Chris, Julien and “Trust Agents” offers guidance and actionable steps.  And there’s a really cool story about J Vineyards and Winery in Sonoma and how one of their staff members won the trust of tech blogger Robert Scoble and got him to buy a case of wine from the winery after winning him over.  Plus, there’s a bit on Gary Vaynerchuk and how he makes us want to buy his products.

The book was also recently listed as one of the recommended books for those interested in digital marketing for the wine industry by Paul Mabray, founder and Chief Strategy Officer at VinTank in a post on John Corcoran’s Think Wine Marketing blog.  If you’d rather listen to an audiobook version, there’s one available via Amazon.

Have you already read “Trust Agents?”  What are the takeaways that resonated most that can be applied to a winery’s business plan?

Winery Resource Alert: The State of Wine Industry Social Media


More than likely, if you’re reading this post, you have an interest in gaining a detailed understanding of social media platforms and those that are most relevant to the health and happiness of your winery’s business. A group of the industry’s top thought leaders at VinTank, Derek Bromley and Tom Wark have compiled the first whitepaper specifically for the wine industry entitled, “The State of Wine Industry Social Media.”

The paper contains some tech-speak that may look a bit scary at first, but hang in there and read through to the end. These guys are in-the-know, have strong relationships in the wine industry with bloggers, traditional media and developers and seek to help you, the winery principal, to navigate and gain an understanding of the social media landscape. Facebook, Twitter, Wine Blogs, Wine Social Networks, Gary V and Wine Library TV are detailed specifically pertaining to their relevance to wineries and wine retailers.

Paul Mabray and team are eager to receive questions or input on the report and can be reached at: ADDRESS: 1250 Main Street Suite #270 Napa, CA 94559 • PHONE: 800.605.8265 • WEB: • EMAIL:

Or comment on the Tasting Room blog at

A special thank you to the VinTank team for mentions of myself, my client Andrew Kamphuis at Vin65 and senior strategist and wine blogger friend, Michael Wangbickler, on their thank you page.

UPDATE (5/12/09)

If you would like to listen to Paul Mabray discuss some of the key findings of the report, check this out

Winery Resource Alert: Facebook Marketing Solutions

I need to apologize for my recent gap in posts.  A combination of family needs and taking a deep breath by diving into more webinars, workshops and round tables pulled me away from posting here, but I’ve found some new information for you that will be helpful.  Thanks for your patience during my absence!

During the recent Social Media Workshop in Finger Lakes Wine Country, I encouraged attendees to engage in the social media space to keep up with thought leaders in the wine industry.  Over the past year, I have paid special attention to several, one of whom is Paul Mabray, Chief Strategy Officer at VinTank.

Last night, I pulled up my Facebook News Feed and noticed a notification in the Highlights section that Paul had become a fan of a page called “Facebook Marketing Solutions.”  This page is written by the team at Facebook and advises businesses and brands on the best way to engage with their fans and gain more fans via friends of existing fans without being too noisy or pushy.

facebook-benjerrys21The information found there will answer many of the questions you may have about getting started on Facebook and continuing a conversation with your fans.  A good place to start is a note called “Make The Most of Your New Page for Brands.” For event promotion, this note walks you through the benefits of creating an event via Facebook.  Although the notes oftentimes reference the benefits of incorporating a strategy that includes purchasing a Facebook ad, the key takeaways are helpful and I have heard some positive things about the ability to target a niche audience with these ads.

A Facebook Marketing Solutions wall post that I found compelling and relevant to the wine industry reads,

“Vin Diesel added almost 0.5MM fans yesterday and 1MM fans this week on the heels of Fast & Furious and some great “insider” content on his Page. As a good practice, are you providing interesting behind-the-scenes content for your fans? (guess that goes for FB Marketing Solutions too… ok – coming soon!)”

Personally, I LOVE the insider stuff that is posted by Facebook friends who are winery owners, winemakers and principals at businesses in the wine industry.  Vin Diesel took his fans behind the scenes at the Latin Billboard Awards.  What types of things capture the interest of your winery’s fans?  Look at your calendar and plan out posts to your fan page that include some insider stuff.  Keep the content simple, illustrate with photos and video.  Take the time to include a caption for photos and video that adds to the story and explains who, what, when, where and why.  Let your personality show through.