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TasteLive Participants: How Are You Engaging and Posting to #TTL ?

Video: Wine Spectator’s Tasting Department

Have you seen this video from  It shows the behind-the-scenes tasting process of the Wine Spectator’s tasting department.  I thought you would like to see the process and meet the reviewers.  What are your thoughts on the process?

Georg Riedel Charms and Educates a Group of Finger Lakes Wine Lovers

Last Friday, I was honored with an invitation by Christina Chely of the Finger Lakes Wine Country Tourism Marketing Association, Inc. to attend a recent Riedel Glass Workshop with 10th generation glassmaker and owner of Riedel Crystal, Georg Riedel, for a comparative wine glass tasting that included three world class Finger Lakes Rieslings. As you can see from the clip, Mr. Riedel is charming and funny and was quick to share his thoughts on the Finger Lakes Wine Region and his affection for it and the people found here. He told our group that he came to the Finger Lakes for the first time in March of this year and fell in love with the people and the region and considers the Finger Lakes an emerging wine region.

Although there were many skeptics as to the importance of a wine glass to wine enjoyment, the attendees I spoke to at the event were convinced of the subtle enhancements of distinct characteristics of the wines we tasted by glasses of different shapes and sizes. Among the key points that Mr. Riedel taught us, he emphasized that when buying wine glasses, you should never buy them on aesthetics alone. He insists that you taste wine with them first.

As Georg walked us through the tasting, some glasses brought out a wine’s minerality, bitter components, acidity, warmth, fruit and complexity. We were asked to vote on our favorite glasses for each of three Finger Lakes Rieslings from Knapp Winery, Glenora Wine Cellars and Sheldrake Point Vineyard in a horizontal tasting, meaning that the same wine was tasted from seven different Riedel glasses and then the next wine was tasted across all seven glasses.

The result was that there were two distinct favorites, the #454/05 and #446/15 for the Rieslings that we tasted. But more than the educational aspect of enhancing wine appreciation via Riedel glassware, I came away with something else…a connection to Georg and his company. He was rather humble in his presentation and quick to jump in with questions to winemakers as they explained some of the complexities of the winemaking process, ever mindful of the newbies among us. Georg was hands-on and poured wine before the event, assisting his staff and taking pains to assure that the wines were ready for the event and not corked. He was quick-witted, inviting and warm in his presentation and his passion for his family’s famous glasses was palpable and much-appreciated.