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Trends: 2009 Will Be Year Of Comfort Food, Cocktails, Organic/Fresh Labels and Mediterranean Dishes


A new report from Chicago-based market research firm Mintel predicts that the recession will be profitable for those companies catering to an increased interest in comfort foods, classic cocktails, organic/fresh food labels and Mediterranean dishes.  So which wines pair well with braised pork, olives or hummus?

Tasting room staffers:  You may want to work these trends into your suggestions to visitors when describing recommended food and wine pairings while pouring or accompanying visitors to the wine racks for purchases.

Winery marketing and web teams:  E&J Gallo has a food and wine pairing guide and Turning Leaf has a food and wine pairing wheel.

If your winery hosts food and wine pairing events, a similar interactive tool could be incorporated into your web content to bring visitors/customers back to your site.  You can also include a link to any of your favorite recipes and plug your in-house chef at the same time.  Add your winery’s own personal touch to these and other tools and keep your strategies consistent with your established winery brand.

This is a good time to think ahead, respond to trends and lifestyle changes and proactively seek to cater to the every day interests of your visitors and customers.  If you haven’t tuned into the Food Network, browsed through Food & Wine or Better Homes and Gardens, or clicked through Smitten Kitchen blog in awhile, check them out in the name of research.   Happy New Year!

Potential Wine Marketing Opportunity: Women Embrace Role as Chief Thrift Officer

In this morning’s Marketing Daily newsletter by Media Post, Sarah Mahoney makes a case for the fact that the recent change in the economy, more specifically the rise in gas and food prices, has brought out the thrifty, value-conscious side of many women,  who have begun relishing the title of Chief Thrift Officer.   The article states that women are more conscientious than in the past about shopping for value, eating leftovers and doing more shopping online now that high gas prices have made it a more attractive prospect, negating the shipping cost differential when weighed against gas cost and inconvenience of brick and mortar shopping excursions.  The article also predicts that this trend of value shopping will continue after the economy bounces back because women are feeling good about themselves for creating smart, efficient shopping strategies that benefit their families. 

So now I’m weighing the marketing potential of this trend and mindset for my friends in the wine world.  How can wineries and wine retailers make their offerings more attractive to these Chief Thrift Officers among their customer base?  Is it via free or one-cent shipping offers?  Possibly adding to the line of magnums and larger sizes available?  Expanding the number of wines in boxes and venturing into higher quality wine offerings in this category?  Creating shoppers clubs with exclusive discounts and offers for members?

This mindset is evident everywhere these days.  Morning shows, news reports, magazines and newspapers are weaving shopping tips into their daily agendas and it is glaringly obvious that there has been a shift toward weighing value and price in our purchases.  Although I don’t believe that we’ll stop buying wines above $15-20, we may see an uptick in demand for those in the everyday category and women hungry for “a good deal.”  Is it time to consider launching that second label? Or how about that fun, tasty blend that you’ve been tinkering with?