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Video: Wine Spectator’s Tasting Department

Have you seen this video from  It shows the behind-the-scenes tasting process of the Wine Spectator’s tasting department.  I thought you would like to see the process and meet the reviewers.  What are your thoughts on the process?

Cheers! From Melissa’a Desk

Week of 10/27/08:

  • First I must apologize for missing a couple of weeks of my Cheers! updates. As a new solopreneur, (solo entrepreneur) I’m still navigating just how to keep my passion for making Melissa Dobson PR & Marketing a successful and resourceful business in line with my personal time with my husband and the rest of my family and friends. One of the reasons I created a home-based business is because I found that what makes Rich and I happy is to have me attend to appointments, errands and packing lunch for him and cooking dinner most nights along with creating a viable business promoting an industry that I truly love. Anyway, I’m still learning how to manage it all. And I have you to thank for keeping me busy with new challenges and projects. I feel very lucky for being embraced by my local wine community here in the Finger Lakes as well as by my group of wine-loving, wine-blogging friends throughout the country. Thank you!
  • Big, big news with Wine Specatator’s James Molesworth choosing to head our way to Finger Lakes Wine Country for his Fall trip instead of his usual choice to visit the Rhone. He includes his impressions on his WS blog. Some of the key takeaways from the two posts I’ve read to date include:
    • There is “a new breed of winery in the region-small, quality-oriented and committed to vinifera grapes.”
    • Ravines Wine Cellars, Fox Run Vineyards, Anthony Road Wine Company, Shaw Vineyard and Standing Stone Vineyards all impressed for their own reasons as outlined in the posts.
    • There is “a growing trend of attention to detail in the region-detail in the vineyards.”

    These are exciting times for the Finger Lakes wine region. On that note, Dr. Konstantin Frank’s Vinifera Wine Cellars has been named the greatest wine producer in the Atlantic Northeast region for the fifth year in a row. Five of the ten producers listed are from New York State.

These are just a few of the exciting recent developments in the Finger Lakes. I have a feeling that I’ll be kept very busy keeping up with news to come…

Cheers until next week,


2007 Finger Lakes Rieslings Receive High Ratings in Wine Spectator

What does a hot, dry season do to the wines of the Finger Lakes region? It creates a vintage that is receiving scores in the high-80’s in the Wine Spectator with more coverage of the 2007 and other vintages to come. Anthony Road and Atwater Estate Vineyards were given special mention for their consistent track record for very good quality. (Full disclosure: I have been shadowing some of the staff at Atwater recently as an apprentice and they have all been great and supportive!)

Here are the ratings:

RAVINES Riesling Finger Lakes Dry Argetsinger Vineyard 2007 Score: 89 | $25

Focused and pure, with tangy fennel, anise and apple notes allied to a bright, pure frame. Nice drive on the finish. Drink now through 2009. 150 cases made.


ANTHONY ROAD Riesling Finger Lakes Dry 2007 Score: 88 | $15

Plump up front, with fennel and anise hints, before the dry edge emerges on the bright, minerally finish. Very solid. Drink now through 2009. 700 cases made. —J.M.

ANTHONY ROAD Riesling Finger Lakes Semi-Dry 2007 Score: 88 | $16

Broad and forward, with quince, dried pineapple and green almond notes followed by a rich, creamy finish. Drink now. 750 cases made. —J.M.

ATWATER ESTATE Riesling Finger Lakes Dry 2007 Score: 88 | $18

Fresh and nicely defined, with a mouthwatering edge driving the apple, fennel seed and lime notes through the lengthy finish. Drink now through 2009. 500 cases made. —J.M.

DR. KONSTANTIN FRANK Riesling Finger Lakes Dry 2007 Score: 88 | $17

Quite taut, despite a marzipan edge running through the tangy green apple and lime notes, which linger on the petrol-tinged finish. Has some mature hints already, but it’s fresh and long, and should age nicely. Drink now through 2009. 4,500 cases made. —J.M.

STANDING STONE Riesling Finger Lakes 2007 Score: 88 | $14

Ripe and juicy, with a solid core of anise, melon and fig flavors backed by a nice mouthwatering MacIntosh apple note on the finish. Drink now through 2009. 1,124 cases made. —J.M.

BELHURST ESTATE Riesling Seneca Lake Semi-Dry 2007 Score: 87 | $18

Tangy for an off-dry style, with lively quince and lime notes leading the way for apple and pear hints on the juicy finish. Quite tasty. Drink now. 200 cases made. —J.M.

KING FERRY Riesling Cayuga Lake Treleaven Dry 2007 Score: 87 | $15

Quite dry and bony, with a slate-driven spine leading the taut green apple and lime notes. Tangy, chalk-tinged finish. Drink now through 2009. 1,320 cases made. —J.M.

KNAPP Riesling Finger Lakes Dry 2007 Score: 87 | $15

Nice purity, with a crisp lime edge backed by slate and green apple notes that linger on the chiseled finish. Drink now. 307 cases made. —J.M.

LAKEWOOD Riesling Finger Lakes 2007 Score: 87 | $13

Quite crunchy, with a tangy lime streak running through the Pippen apple and green almond notes. Lively finish. Drink now through 2009. 800 cases made. —J.M.

SHELDRAKE POINT Riesling Finger Lakes 2007 Score: 87 | $16

Good focus, with a nice slatey edge to the apple and fig flavors. Good drive on the finish too. Drink now through 2009. 743 cases made. —J.M.

SHELDRAKE POINT Riesling Finger Lakes Dry 2007 Score: 87 | $16

Juicy and open, with quince, pippen apple and braised fennel notes that stay fresh on the finish. Drink now. 987 cases made. —J.M.

FOX RUN Riesling Finger Lakes 2007 Score: 86 | $14

Fresh, with a bracing edge to the lime, green apple and chamomile hints. Good cut on the finish. Drink now. 2,500 cases made. —J.M.

DR. KONSTANTIN FRANK Riesling Finger Lakes Semi-Dry 2007 Score: 86 | $15

Fresh, with off-dry apple, pear and quince notes followed by a round, generous finish. Drink now. 3,900 cases made. —J.M.

SWEDISH HILL Riesling Finger Lakes 2007 Score: 86 | $15

Plump and forward, with good apple, green melon and anise notes. Round, juicy finish. Drink now. 1,500 cases made. —J.M.