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Social Media Quick Tip: Add Social Media Info to Signage

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I bet a bunch of you are already all over this one.  I spotted this signage from Faust Winery in Napa Valley during the Grand Tasting of Napa Wines at Quintessa during the recent Wine Bloggers Conference.

This is a simple, low-cost branding strategy to promote your social media efforts.  Once you get your customers there, you know what happens eventually: they’ll start talking to you and hopefully providing valuable information on their likes and dislikes, preferences and experiences with your wine brand.

Although this sign was on a table at a tasting, you can also create signage that is representative of your brand’s look and feel and post them in your tasting room, create postcards, add your social media info to your business cards, print out pages and include in the bottom of customer shopping bags, include in your shipment boxes.

If you’re a winery who is already promoting your pages this way, I would love to have you upload your photos to the fan photos section of my Facebook fan page.  That way we can see each other’s signage and use the photos for info on how to fan each other’s pages.

And it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a smiling staff member to promote the info either.

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The Winery Cat at Chateau Lafayette Reneau

The gang and I recently tasted at Chateau Lafayette Reneau on Seneca Lake. We were greeted by their mascot who was very happy and comfortable in the tasting room!

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Wine 2.0: Donati Family Vineyard Launches Winery Social Networking Site

This is such a great idea. The Donati Family Vineyard has launched WineSpace, its own online community of customers and wine club members. The site will be a tremendous resource for them, what better way to build relationships with wine lovers, provide updates on events and vintages and interact with the winery’s enthusiasts. Much better and more informative than asking tasting room guests to fill out forms…after one too many tastes. How accurate will their answers be at that point 🙂